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Pathan Movie Controversy: Deepika Padukone के ड्रेस पर क्या बोलीं महिलाएं ? – pugsealentertainment

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  1. Chalo ek normal question poochta hu log khushti krte hai normally na wo bhi bagwa rang ka hota hai and wo MRD pehnte hai mtlb wo glt hua na and ek aurat ne pehna wo galat hai

    Hrr cheez ko agr religion se jod doge toh kidhr jaoge mtlb ab rang pe bhi dharm ka hak hai

    Ab aayi baat kapdon pe kapde me aise kya glt baat hai Western system ko adapt krna hai sbko English padhna hai sbko and westernisation ab aayga alg trh se

    Glt impression kya padhta hai rape ya molestation toh 10 saal ke bacche kr saayh bhi hota hai saree suit burkha ya skirt me sbka hota hai

    So kesh reason se boycott krr rahey ho

  2. Agar expose kiya bhi tow kata bacha hai kuch laghi mhi raha aurat jaise appeal bacha hai body me haddiki dukan /dhacha🤣🤣🤣Udhar pati nanga hogaya idhar patni adnangi….lagta hai filme nhi chal rahi isliye satiya gaye miyya biwi🤦‍♂

  3. Do these folks have anything better to do for economy, Education, community and equality in India? What the hell has happened to India. India used to be incredible due to it’s secular structure, freedom of religion and democracy. These BJP RSS folks are bloody threat to democracy and constitution. 😢

  4. Diverse films r appreciated people r changing 🙏 we like webseries more or stuff which r real I mean …which give us comfort not trigger negativity as shadowed positivity and toxic temporary cheap lifestyle mindest in young individual thou it's fine it is temporary….something higher to rethink about something more spacious to watch for little minds…with their family to nurture them and also as a kid i have been so difficult about all over aged content of ensor board bee8ng seen n I guess it's really tht there should be films for kids for teens and adults as well bt pls bollywood is such huge why are we still making so cheap content even one man you tubers are so creative now…

  5. Orthodox doesn't mean bad thou they r strict n should be respected and the slow poisoning of tukda tukda just making me hate pathan rather then the song…or vulgarity…bt not too much dress is a dress it's a different films shooting angle is always live sex drugs getting famous and rest films r just lying down I mean too much body woman body focused films is bad…yes it's not bad at all bt ain't it toooo much films r the one which refelct our vulnerability yes srk right bt they can be more as well….directors are so talented why to commercialize everything over art…

  6. …it's not about gender, not about Shahrukh Khan, it's about those "creative minds", which think colors can't stand for any relegion, but can be "besharam"!!…ye nichi-onchchii harkaten hein, jo bhagwe ko bikini mein dikhaa rahe hein, gaane ko 'besharam rang' ka caption de ke uchchaal rahen hein, aur jab "Pathaan" madmast hoke jhoom rahaa hein, tab to har taraf "hariyaali" chaayi hein!!…neeyat to dikhati hein, rang to asar karte hein, kar rahe hein, varnaa aaj ye behas nahi chchidati!…aasaan hein, song ko reshoot kijiye, ekhaad gehare Hare rang ki bikini besharam rang mein jod dijiye, Dipika ko usi andaaz mein Pathaan-Shahrukh ke haathon pakdaayiye…Sara vivaad hi khatma ho.


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