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John Barnes: Football fans have to admit they are racist but are too scared – pugsealentertainment

Research by Sky Sports News suggests nearly nine in 10 fans have witnessed racist behaviour at football matches in the UK.

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  1. Unconscious bias, also known as implicit bias, refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that individuals hold unconsciously, which can influence their perceptions, actions, and decisions. These biases are often automatic and unconscious, and they can occur when people rely on their mental shortcuts or stereotypes to make judgments about others.

    There are several factors that can contribute to the development of unconscious bias, including:

    1. Personal experiences: People's personal experiences and exposure to certain situations or individuals can shape their biases.

    2. Social conditioning: People may develop biases through the messages they receive from society, the media, and their community.

    3. Cognitive biases: People's brains are naturally prone to certain cognitive biases, such as the confirmation bias (the tendency to seek out information that confirms one's preexisting beliefs) and the anchoring bias (the tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information encountered).

    4. Group membership: People may also develop biases based on their membership in certain groups or communities.

  2. If only the spotlight were on incidents in the streets and workplaces.
    John Barnes aint getting much backup when he makes a lot of sense. Its a shame.
    If people appreciated his perspective, we might have a truer picture of real deep-seated racism, what we are up against, and dis-spelling people of nonsense,
    I stood in the spion kop in 1988 (I think it was), John missed a game injured, and a few Liverpool fans gave a few Spurs lads some racist crap at corners, a few, one fella shouted 'Its alright, Barnesy aint playin'. Not many joined in. Was I the only silent head-shaker? anyway, in this anecdotal experience, some racist bias re-emerged, yet not to the degree of previous times. Maybe few people joined-in as they no longer wanted to? Maybe.
    What's the reality of how many people are real racists like this? John is right that banning anything potentially offensive might just send it underground.
    What's the reality of how many people are predudiced to, say, worry when a black man is in a shop?
    Its not everyone.
    Its not nobody.
    Yes, I agree, banning everything in sight that is potentially offensive may just throw a veil over deep-held nonsense.
    Yet, given this murky situation, despite it, is the proportion of racially-biased people declining, or the intensity of their bias declining. Has the 'british empire' paradigm mentality declined? I still see and hear it but, it seems, seems, less, generally. I could be wrong, overly optimistic, maybe. If people focus on screen-behaviour rather than physical behaviour, we aint gonna get a good picture of change or non-change.
    If only the spotlight were on incidents in the streets and workplaces.
    We might at least know what's going on.

  3. My last lass was from Kenya. When I told her I used to be a member of the bnp she Said she could be the queen of them. Lol how right she was. She would have made them proud. Racism isn’t just one sided trust me.

  4. Yh racism against blacks when there were a few of them in the 60s is different to the big cities which are virtually all Black and Asian today! I’m the Foreigner now as a white guy from Birmingham, literally being overtaken and swamped by foreigners!

  5. Would be refreshing if people were more open about how they really feel and then understanding and tying to find common ground. We are all brothers and sisters, some good, some bad. Live in peace and don’t be afraid we all make mistakes

  6. I like John Barnes! I respect him as a player and as a man, he's a great guy and a very smart guy! What he is saying about racism in football & society in general is right! He speaks very eloquently on this cancer in society called racism. Racism against minorities, particularly against Blacks is harmful, not only to Blacks, but also harmful to society in general. Racism against minority communities can lead to exclusion, then it can lead to social instability at a local level then spreads at a national level. That's it's very important that we must fight racism wherever & whenever it occurs. Say No To Racism! Let's Kick Racism Out Of Football!

  7. The reason people are becoming or appearing more racist is because A) The left has rendered the term completely meaningless from over two decades of misuse and overuse. B) The rate of immigration into this country is far too much and far too fast. John Barnes is from a different generation of immigrants, from before mass immigration. He and his family have integrated into society very well, because they had to to get on in life. But not only that, they actually wanted to integrate, they entered the country with the intent of doing so. Now the immigration rate is so steep and the system of multiculturalism (where newcomers are encouraged not to integrate) is so entrenched that the indigenous population are starting to panic, undoing decades of progress in race-relations. It's political failings surrounding immigration and integration from the Tony Blair era onwards that are to blame. Politicians get away scot-free with their errors, while ordinary people, whatever their ethnic background, as usual, suffer the consequences. The media is equally culpable, because it religiously follows the Blairite Neoliberal politically correct doctrine, ignoring concerns of whites, so everything is bottled up and driven underground. This is the problem in society that Barnes here speaks of: All to do with the rate of immigration, the negatives of multiculturalism and the intensity with which those that advocate these systems in the face of them failing, force their agenda on the bulk of the country: the working class. I've not even mentioned ridiculous modern "hate speech" legislation that further pushes contentious issues to the fringes. Society should be in open debate, always, but it isn't. Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Mass immigration do not work. This is a fact; they have failed. But these things are so precious to the establishment that all talk and criticism of them has been banned. Cue the free-speech arena that is a football game, I guess

  8. All the racists are going to comment about how this bullshit or left wing porapaganda or society is being soft.
    Imagine going to game or watching game just full of mark nobles lol


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