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Tribute To Fashion Icon André Leon Talley – pugsealentertainment

André Leon Talley passed away this week at the age of 73. NBC News’ Joshua Johnson pays homage to Talley as he came from …

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  1. I honestly don't feel sorry at all. He thought of himself as irreplaceable and put all his social eggs in the basket of influential people who don't do friendships, just business. He probably thought he can get away with anything and it would last forever. In the end he was a sad, lonely and morbidly obese man who completely overestimated himself and when he had to face the bitter truth, used all sorts of discrimination as the explanation why he was "out of favor" and hand-me-down haute couture. It never once occured to him that the reason might be his melodramatic, self-absorbed personality that can't be blamed on a "wrong" skincolor. Naive and overenthusiastic, he did have a succesful career in fashion. But when you work in an industry that propagates unrealistic beauty standards and youth, you have only yourself to blame if you get kicked out for believing you'd be the exception to the rule.

  2. May God be pleased I am so glad that God has blessed him to be successful and in the time that God has given him and I love the way he just loved his it look like he never hid anything and he carried himself strong and very positive and you know I love to suit and he wore real suits he wore real real suits and he had his own little style I loved his Asiatic Aboriginal Asiatic look and he just wore it very very well with with pride and just it just had a good distinct about himself and may God forever be pleased with 🙂

  3. The "colonial dame" as ALT calls her wants to celebrate their "complicated friendship" now that he is gone in the flesh. Friends don't treat each other the way she treated him during his last years. "Colonial dame", I'll sit with this. Andre Leon Talley was a pioneer and icon who will be greatly missed by those who really admired and respected him (and didn't treat him as a "thingification"). His legacy lives on forever. May the vestiges of coloniality fall off bit by bit. How dare you call him a "friend"?

  4. 🌿I wish I had the right words to say🌹

    💐 I'm sending my deepest Condolences & prayers to👑 André Leon Talley's Family during this hard & painful time 🕊️

     🍃🌱May His's Love & Memory live in the World's heart forever❤️💜 🌺🍃🌿


  5. Cyprus reportedly has discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta. Omicron attacks the upper respiratory Delta the lower, anybody out there still believe this wasn't man-made? May God have mercy on us all.

  6. OMG – All our iconic and aging artisans of fashion, music, the silver screen and many other creative disciplines are passing right before our eyes – Daily, weekly and every month – Collectively they have all contributed to enriching our lives, creating unforgettable memories and motivating us to be as generous and unwavering to our creative spirits. They were all unique to their own specific talents and many of them literally broke the mold never to be duplicated and or surpassed. We have all benefited and been uplifted by their sharing themselves with their FANS. May they all enjoy their rewards in the afterlife for all they gave to us all.


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