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Star Wars LAST JEDI Breakdown – All Easter Eggs & References (FULL MOVIE) – pugsealentertainment

Star Wars Ep. 8 THE LAST JEDI gets an in-depth analysis and breakdown! All Star Wars Easter Eggs and references to The …

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  1. I loved this movie, alright there was some weak parts, but the final act with Luke being the ultimate Jedi badass and using his power for defence not attack was peak Star Wars for me

  2. The term "laser sword" might also be a callback to Episode I where a young Anakin meets QuiGon for the first time and asks if he's a Jedi. Anakin says "I saw your laser sword. Only Jedi carry that kind of weapon." Maybe this refers to Luke acting just a BIT like a child, pouting and whining on his island. He's given up. He doesn't believe in the Jedi anymore. Its been stripped of all its awe and power for him because he failed his nephew.

  3. question 1 = yes Holdo should have told him the plan —- question 2 = the movie holds its place in the trilogy — I'm a Star Wars fan all the movies are part of the same story just enjoy them enjoy it

  4. Jedi don’t use blue and green kyber crystals… the crystals are colourless when first acquired and after building their sabre and putting the crystals inside, the crystal reacts to the type of force connection within the Jedi. They can become any colour but red. A sith’s sabre is red because when a dark side user attains a certain connection to the dark side they are required to go out and kill a light sider and take their sabre…. Then the dark side user pours all of their hatred and pain directly into the kyber crystal until they corrupt the light side presence within… they bleed the sabre and the crystal turns red.


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