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'Bloomberg Technology' Full Show (08/10/2022) – pugsealentertainment

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  1. Pump n dump on crazy level at the moment… Thanks again for sharing all this information, still holding some cash the low is taking longer than expected but I am hanging in there meanwhile as holders we can still make good profit. Big appreciation to Gerard Desmond for helping me grow my 2.4btc to 8btc from august till date.

  2. Sound familiar, twitter silencing people! Twitter the anti-free speech company.. The Twitter, motto; Speak WOKE or you are not allowed to be heard! But of course does not apply to the women stoning, Ayatollahs.. He ate her lunch. Very unprofessional when you can see a talking heads political views..

  3. We want Chang out of Bloomberg, we are building a Chinese-free nation, we don't need Chinese spies in our country…lets make America China-free, no more China, no more Chang…


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